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A woman holding a sign with a picture of a womb said: “My body, my choice” despite something obviously missing: a baby. Add a baby and the “My body, my choice” is demystified by “The body inside your body is not your body.”

Wearing their “My body, my choice” t-shirts, women with smiling faces planted a sign in front of them saying, “Parasites have no rights” Princeton Jurisprudence Professor Robert P. George intervened, “Scholars of the history of genocide observe that people who want to kill other people invariably develop and deploy forms of rhetoric aimed at dehumanizing the victims. A well-known example is the Nazis referring to Jews as “vermin.“In the abortion debate, similar rhetoric is deployed to dehumanize unborn children. Abortion advocates, like these women with big smiles on their faces, call them “parasites.” To justify killing them, they suggest that they are the moral equivalent of lice, leeches or tapeworms.

Modern medical technology shows that life in the womb is just over a “clumps of cells”. Science refutes the “tuft” argue decisively. Given the false opinion of the majority in 1973, Roe v. Wade was just a bunch of words.

Logical inconsistencies and self-refuting slogans on the pro-choice side are commonplace. Defacing a Catholic church, the graffitti said: “Abortion saves lives” who has as much meaning as the one who says, “Pro-choice is pro-life” (not if you are the one chosen to be aborted). Another says, “Abortion is health”, to which Seth Dillon, CEO of Babylon Bee, says. “Abortion is health care like rape is an act of love.”

Those furious at the likelihood of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade promise a “Season of Wrath” and they already prove it. Vulgarity, disgrace and incivility express their unbridled anger by signs and a verb as coarse and grotesque as “To eat [expletive]” and “The fetus is equivalent to a good snack.” With the recent eruption of pro-life pregnancy centers under violent attack, protests against the law erupting outside the homes of judges, coupled with death threats, show the tell-tale violence of their movement to exterminate innocent children.

A headline from Planned Parenthood read: Abortion is Sacred. The depraved priests of Molech offered the children of the deceived disciples on the “sacred” sacrificial altar. Make the Altar of Convenience “sacred,” Planned Parenthood does it before the child is born, but with the same brutality as in Molech’s time. Opposing this macabre, those who defend the unborn child say: “Life is sacred.” Abortion and life cannot coexist as sacred. It’s one or the other. Choose life.

Seth, a young man I used to pastor in New Jersey, posted: “If you praise a woman who aborted her child because she did what was best for her, then I hope you praise the men who abandon their children because they did what was best for her. it was best for them.” One person responded by saying, “Not the same.” He has answered, “I agree! One leaves an opportunity for reconciliation and healing. The other offers no hope.

Denying her Roman Catholic faith, Governor Kathy Hochul recently signed bills declaring the season open on the unborn child. True to her faith, Mother Teresa said: “You shouldn’t be surprised when you hear about murders, killings, wars, hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what’s left but we kill ourselves?” At a loss for reason, Governor Hochul thinks she can make murder shorter with more gun laws. Mother Teresa added one more thing, “A nation that kills its children in its mother’s womb has lost its soul.” Where is your soul, Governor?

Reverend Mel McGinnis is a resident of Frewsburg.

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