‘We need to understand each other’: Interfaith prayer service at Mount Prospect hopes to expand understanding through peace

CHICAGO (SCS) — This is one of the great challenges of the world: how to live in peace and mutual respect in the midst of religious and political differences?

How can the violence in so many places be suppressed?

At noon on Tuesday, Chicagoans of diverse faiths and political persuasions attempt to answer these questions together, under one roof. CBS 2’s Jim Williams explains.

From war in Ukraine to violence on the streets of Chicago to angry political rhetoric, the signs of conflict are everywhere.

“It’s terrible what is happening right now. There is war in nations but there is also war in our hearts and with each other. There seems to be less tolerance and it seems that the people get nervous. There’s a lot of stress in people’s lives.”

Bruce Becker of the Circle of Light group said thought prayer could help transcend the differences that fray society.

“In prayer, especially as we come together in different denominations, we show that we want to bring peace into our own hearts and spread that peace to all in communion.”

And so Tuesday at noon, at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Mount Prospect, people of different faiths and different political persuasions will gather for a prayer service. Everyone is welcome.

“It’s a chance to bridge the things that might divide us and recognize that there are things that bring us together because we all pray for peace, we all value peace in our traditions and in our lives. “said Rev. Christine Webb of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.

Ikbal Koseli from the Turkish American Society will be present. She has worked to promote interfaith unity for 10 years.

“We basically embraced a philosophy that teaches us, inspires us, to reach out to others for healing, for peace,” Koseli said.
“We need to understand each other, even if we come from different backgrounds, different religions, different backgrounds, professions.”

On Tuesday at church, they will light candles and pray, then eat lunch with food as the biggest unifier, in the hope that this will be just the beginning of empathy and friendship.

“I’m learning that it’s possible to reach out to someone you disagree with and it’s possible to bridge that gap, as long as you can do it in peace and understand the person. in front of you, even though you might not agree with her, that they are also a human being with a soul. They are filled with the love of God, just like you,” said Beckner.

The interfaith prayer service is held at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Mount Prospect. Starts at noon. They also stream the service online.

Click here to register for the free event.

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