Ukrainian Catholic Church of Guelph asks for money in lieu of items to help Ukrainians – Guelph

As Guelph residents watch the violence unfold in Ukraine during Russia’s invasion of the Eastern European country, many are looking for ways to help the Ukrainian people.

Father Andrij Figol, pastor of Holy Protection of the Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church on York Road, said he had already been overwhelmed with people wanting to help.

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“Compassion is beautiful,” he said in an interview on Tuesday. “Just the coming together, the solidarity – words can’t describe it, to be honest. It’s very emotional.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine last week, the church has received various baby items such as diapers, strollers and clothes as well as first aid kits.

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Figol fielded calls from Mayor Cam Guthrie, city councilors and other community leaders, all asking how they and residents can help.

A shipment of eight pallets was made on Tuesday and another is due out later this week. But Fr Figol said they were having logistical difficulties getting the items to Ukraine.

“We don’t have the manpower to deliver and we don’t have the resources to collect them here or there,” he said.

“We can’t even get them to Ukraine or we can’t get them to the refugees because a lot of transportation means have changed because of the war. Some companies like FedEx do not go to Ukraine because of the war. Even to get to Poland, there are logistical obstacles. »

The church is now asking for cash donations because Figol said it was the most effective way to help the Ukrainian people.

Residents are encouraged to donate to a verified organization such as the Red Cross or the Canadian Ukraine Foundation.

People can also deposit money at the parish on York Road.

“I know money can be a debatable thing, but I can assure that whatever we collect through our people at the parish, every penny will be donated to morally justified places and people who need it. – not just the most, but who need right now,” Figol said.

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Figol said the situation in Ukraine will last for some time and even if a ceasefire is declared or the Russians leave the country, the people will still have to rebuild, overcome loss and pain and care for those in need. medical assistance.

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Canadians volunteer to fight in Ukraine

Canadians volunteer to fight in Ukraine

A full list of where to donate can be found by clicking this Global News story about how Ontarians can help.

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Figol said that while the images from Ukraine are hard to watch, especially with families still living in that country and refusing to leave, he wanted to emphasize how proud he is of his community in Guelph and of everything Canada to “come together with such great forces of compassion and support.

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“It’s so very encouraging, so uplifting, and in this time of great pain, hurt and distress, it gives us a sense of unity and love, which is what we need,” Figol said.

“We pass that on to our families there, to the soldiers on the front line, so they know Guelph and Canada are here. We are together, we love you, we support you and we will do everything we can.

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