The Churches Come Together With One Accord – The Troy Messenger

On Sunday afternoon, the extended community of Brundidge gathered for a time of prayer, song and commitment to unity among the county brotherhood.

Reverend Henry Reynolds of the Whitewater community told the rally that “enough is enough”.

“It’s time to stop the violence,” Reynolds said. “The violence must stop. When I learned how many people died, it shook me deeply. I must lean on my Savior in these uncertain times and these are uncertain times. My Savior comes to me in the midst of trouble and comforts me.

Reynold said that to stop the violence young people, everyone, must be shown the way.

“We have to go into the dark places, into the hoods and lead the way, let others know that Jesus is the answer, that he is the only way. Jesus is the answer.

Speakers from different parts of the county took turns speaking and the message was the same. “We have come this far by faith and faith has not yet failed us.”

Reverend Carl Hollis, of County Line Baptist Church, also said, “enough is enough.”

“The violence must stop,” Hollis said. “We are in a spiritual battle for our souls. We cannot win the battle sitting on the sidelines. There are 16,000 people without a church in our county. They have no interest in what we do, but we need to step out of the sidelines and fight for our souls and the souls of others.

Other speakers expressed their belief that violence is rampant because adults have failed to instill values ​​in young people, that even if they can tell right from wrong, it doesn’t matter to them. .

The challenge for all speakers was to be a light in the midst of darkness.

“We can’t pray too much and we can’t worry too much,” Elder Willie Moultry said. “Making a change starts at home. Be that house of change.

Brundidge Mayor Isabell Boyd expressed her gratitude to everyone who came with a heart to listen and a heart to make a difference in their wider communities.

“We need to stop the violence here at home, across our country, in our nation,” Boyd said. “I know Brundidge Town Council accepts the challenge to bring our community together stronger and more united. It was wonderful to be part of this spiritual atmosphere today without any display of discord.

Boyd said the challenge now is to unite communities.

“We have 14 churches here today and that’s a good start,” she said. “We need to stop the violence and the discord and work together and pull ourselves together. If we do, we will be united and move forward in a way that is best for all of us.

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