The Catholic parish of Mpala inaugurates vast playgrounds

The concern for sports facilities (amenities) in the country remains one of the major factors hindering the rapid development of games in the country.

A great foundational brick has been brought to the infrastructure development of the sports sub-sector by the parish of Mary Queen of Martyrs, Mpala, after the church donated land for a vast sports ground to Katabi City Council , in the district of Wakiso.

This sports field hosts the sports disciplines of football, athletics, netball and volleyball as part of the sports development of the parish youth apostolate.

Mary Queen of Martyrs, Mpala Catholic Parish Playgrounds

According to an official of the sports department of this youth apostolate, George William Kakooza, the facilities are an integral part of the establishment and long-term organization of the fields as a youth project.

This sports ground is after the long-term installation and organization of games and sports grounds as a youth project for football, netball and volleyball. All negotiations will be done through Mpala Youth Sports Department with further details available via 0755849334 and 0789453369.

George William Kakooza, Mary Queen of Martyrs Youth Leader, Mpala Catholic Parish

To this end, the sports commission has fixed the rental price of this equipment for the use of the interested parties present; individuals, teams, schools, academies and companies wishing to use the facility.

Tournaments cost 20,000/=, football games (20,000/=), league team games 20,000/= per game, training sessions (20,000/= per day) and football galas 100 000/= per day.

There will also be special considerations for soccer balls, nets, corner flags at 10,000 per day.

Katabi City Council sports grounds are very limited, with Kisubi Catholic Church Parish having the bulk of the grounds for such facilities.

Others are available at schools and intuitions like Nkumba University, Kisubi Technical College, St Mary’s Kisubi College, Nkumba Primary School and as well as a number of community grounds in Kabale (area of Tanda games), Kisubi (Cardinal community field) and an astro lawn in Namulanda, among others.

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