The Catholic Diocese of Brownsville lifts the dispensation for Sunday Mass

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Bishop Daniel E. Flores has lifted the dispensation for Sunday Mass attendance, encouraging Catholics in the Rio Grande Valley to return to Mass in person.

“I and many bishops in the country have authorized a dispensation for Sunday Mass. People, for their safety and the spread of the virus, have been dispensed from the obligation for Catholics to go to Mass on Sunday,” a said Bishop Flores.

He explained that the waiver was one of the first steps he took in 2020 to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“When I lifted the dispensation, it basically means that we return to the conscience of a normal Catholic to go to Mass,” he said.

As things return to normal for the church, he said precautionary measures are still encouraged, such as wearing face masks, sanitizing and social distancing, but are not mandatory.

“People are encouraged if they don’t feel well, if they feel sick, if they are caring for someone who is sick, if they feel that their state of health does not allow them to go out too in public, then they We are of course exempt from the law, but the law itself is required, it allows this, ”he said.

Sunday Mass can be watched via live stream online, but Bishop Flores said Catholics should return to Mass.

“Ordinarily, Catholics who are in good health and able to attend Mass should then take the Sunday obligation very seriously,” he said.

He explained that the dispensation had an impact on many.

“It had a financial impact on the church, but I think the spiritual impact of the suffering people went through spiritually is the most important thing to remember,” he said.

Bishop Flores said he prays the church doesn’t have to take extreme measures again, but he is ready.

“We think it’s very important that our people also have a sense of the importance of community life and caring for each other and that’s kind of at the heart of the message of the church and the community. gospel anyway and I think we’ve had a chance to really put that into practice and we ask the Lord to continue to keep us healthy,” he said.

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