Sainte-Sabine Church Donates Handmade Cold Weather Clothing to Local Veterans – Press and Guide

Clergy, leaders and parishioners of St. Sabina Catholic Church recently donated a quantity of handmade cold weather clothing and supplies to the Dearborn Allied War Veterans Council and donated a monetary contribution to the Dearborn Heights Firefighters Charitable Fund.

The Church’s Crafters Club donated several hand-knitted, crocheted and sewn scarves, hats and other cold weather items to local veterans, which were accepted by Mayor Bill Bazzi on behalf of the DAWVC – a local veterans group that helps meet the needs of veterans across the region. Bazzi served several years as the commanding officer of the DAWVC.

Dearborn Heights Mayor Bill Bazzi and Saint Sabina Craftsmen Club President Arlene Schornack fill the Mayor’s truck with handcrafted cold weather items created by the Church Craftsmen Club . The items were donated by the church for local veterans. (Photo courtesy of the City of Dearborn Heights)

Additionally, Fr. James Lopez and Parish President Val Schuster recently joined Fire Chief Dave Brogan, Bazzi and City Councilor Hassan Ahmad at Dearborn Heights Fire Headquarters to present a monetary donation of $ 1,165. to further support the work of the department.

Dearborn Heights Mayor Bill Bazzi poses with Father James Lopez of St. Sabina and members of the Church’s Crafters Club and staff, who have created a plethora of scarves, hats, quilts and other items for cold weather to give to local veterans. (Photo courtesy of the City of Dearborn Heights)

The funds, which were raised during the church’s annual nursery, were accepted on behalf of the fire department’s charitable fund.

“We are happy and grateful to the good people of Saint Sabina for their thoughtful giving,” said Bazzi. “These articles and backgrounds are certainly welcome and much appreciated, especially by all who will benefit from them this winter. “

Dearborn Heights Mayor Bill Bazzi (center) is joined by (left to right) Councilor Hassan Ahmad, Saint Sabina Parish President Val Schuster, Father James Lopez of Saint Sabine and Chief of firefighters Dave Brogan at the presentation of the Church’s $ 1,165 donation to the Fire Department. The funds, which were raised through the Church’s annual Fish Fry, were donated to the Fire Department’s charitable fund. (Photo courtesy of the City of Dearborn Heights)

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