New Broome County Deacons Ordained by Diocese of Syracuse

Broome County now has four new deacons who will preach, minister at the altar during Mass and comfort people in hospitals and nursing homes.

“As our priests are called to be shepherds in many parishes, the presence of a deacon brings help and support to the parishes and to the needs of the people,” said Deacon Tom Cuskey, director of deacon training for the Catholic Diocese. Roman from Syracuse. “More and more deacons are being called to leadership roles in the parishes and ministries in which they serve.”

Adeolu Ademoyo, of Binghamton; Greg Hrostowski, of Johnson City; and Endicott residents Michael Carroll and Paul Heiland were ordained May 21. They were among 10 new permanent deacons ordained that day throughout the Diocese of Syracuse, which includes Broome County. No priests will be ordained this year, Cuskey said.

Deacons have many functions in the church, including preaching, baptism, witnessing to marriage, and conducting revival and funeral services. They also visit people in need in hospitals, nursing homes and prisons.

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Here are their stories:

Adeolu Ademoyo

Career: Professor of Languages ​​and Philosophy at Cornell University in Ithaca.

Family: wife, Omobolade; seven adult children.

Parish: The related parishes of St. Patrick’s and St. Thomas Aquinas in Binghamton.

Originally from Nigeria, Ademoyo is also a hospital chaplain at Wilson Memorial Hospital in Johnson City and a prison chaplain at Broome County Jail when not teaching at Cornell.

He says he heard a call to become a deacon.

“It’s less a decision than a push – a push from the Holy Spirit to serve Christ and his church as a servant,” he said.

His ordination to the permanent diaconate is “an outward indication of a change in me,” he said. “That change is to be a servant of Christ and his church.”

Michael Carroll

Career: Retired from Sunstream Corp. of Binghamton.

Family: wife, Maria; three adult children and two grandchildren.

Parish: The related parishes of Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil and Saint-Ambroise in Endicott.

Michael Carroll.

Michael Carroll has heard the call to become a deacon for many years.

“It was always a whisper,” he said. “It just got louder and louder.”

A former prison chaplain, he enjoys visiting the sick in their homes and visiting residents of UHS Senior Living at Ideal.

Much of a deacon’s work takes place away from the church, he said.

“The altar is one day a week,” he said. “Most of the time it’s service.”

Greg Hrostowski

Career: Retired transportation supervisor for the Johnson City Central School District.

Family: Only.

Parish: Saint Vincent de Paul Blessed Sacrament as a vestal.

Greg Hrostowski.

Greg Hrostowski has always had a strong faith.

Throughout his life, people sometimes asked him if he considered becoming a priest, but he didn’t really think about pursuing it, he said.

He decided to become a deacon after taking adult faith training classes at his parish, St. Vincent de Paul Blessed Sacrament of Vestal.

“I had to pray about it and do a lot of discernment,” he said.

He is a chaplain at Wilson’s Hospital and enjoys caring for patients, he said.

Paul Heiland

Career: Works at BAE Systems in Endicott.

Family: wife, Regina; three adult children.

Parish: The related parishes of Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil and Saint-Ambroise in Endicott.

Paul Heiland

Paul Heiland said he thought about becoming a deacon for years before taking the plunge.

“It’s something the good Lord has called me to do,” he said.

He is also a part-time chaplain at Wilson.

“It’s a great experience to serve people who need something to look forward to – a little bit of hope,” he said. “There is hope for the hopeless and joy for those who are not joyful. That’s what our faith is.

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