Montgomery Church marches against gun violence

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Worship music and footsteps could be heard in west Montgomery on Saturday as residents took a stand and marched against gun violence.

“We have lives that are at stake because we are so divided, and I believe it is going to take, as my grandmother used to say, a village and the community to come together,” said Jonathan Givens, senior pastor. of Southside Church. of Christ.

That’s why people shook hands and prayed for peace. It was a ‘prayer march against violence’ that took place a day after a shooting that left one dead and another in critical condition.

“It’s terrible,” Givens said. “It’s a sad thing, which is why I believe this prayer walk is so necessary.”

The event has been in the works for months and church members believe it is particularly crucial after multiple violent attacks.

“We knew this was something that was needed, especially in February. There was a 3-year-old child who was shot right in this community,” the church leader added.

People turned to their faith during the tragic times. Attendees left the church parking lot along South Hull Street to worship as they strolled through nearby neighborhoods.

“Every Sunday people see us going into this building, and they see people going back to their cars, but that’s not what engages people,” said attendee Ron Simmons. “It’s when you go out and touch people and you’re able to talk to people and let people know you care. You love them.”

The senior pastor shared the same sentiment.

“It is very important that the saints come out and be the feet and hands of Jesus, just to let the community know that we are here, that we care about them and that we fight for them in faith”, said Givens.

It was a public show of love that church members hope to reduce crime and bring people together.

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