– Interfaith prayer service for Ukrainians held Sunday at Lewiston Basilica

LEWISTON — The Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul will host an interfaith prayer service at 2 p.m. Sunday for Ukrainians, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland said in a statement Tuesday.

People are invited to gather at the Basilica at 122 Ash St. or watch live on www.princeofpeace.me or at www.facebook.com/PrinceOfPeaceME. Ways to donate to Ukrainian civilians fighting or fleeing the war from Russian invaders will be announced during the service, according to the statement.

Attending the service: Reverend Daniel Greenleaf, pastor of Prince of Peace Parish in Lewiston; Reverend Annie Baker-Streevy, pastor of Calvary United Methodist Church in Lewiston; Brittany Longsdorf, multi-faith chaplain at Bates College in Lewiston; and Lewiston Mayor Carl Sheline.

“I think we (all) watch it on the news and feel somewhat helpless,” Greenleaf said. “We have to be able to do something, and first we can pray, gather support and become sensitive to global issues, that would be a big thing.”

Greenleaf said: “Ukraine is the one that is suffering terribly; if history repeats itself, (then) where does it go? I think that’s what scares everyone, that Ukraine is first of the rest, so there’s a lot of compassion and also fear.

“Solidarity and coming together, after two and a half years of not being able to do this, but as this stuff fades, we can get back together and support each other in different ways and then also be sensitive to other people to whom we give I don’t even know, who are suffering,” he said.

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