Church Hill grandmother publishes first two books six months apart | Rogersville

A longtime resident of Kingsport/Church Hill, TN. area has just released its second book, Words Attitudes Actions, a collection of inspirational thoughts that will encourage you to start with prayer.

Barbara Linkous said that even as a very young child, she would entertain her family with her imaginary friends and family stories. She has always enjoyed reading and was encouraged by her high school English teacher to write down her thoughts.

The idea for Barbara’s first book, a historical fiction titled Cora’s Story Life on Bays Mountain, was planted years ago. Readers say Cora’s story entertains and encourages as Cora finds her way to a life filled with God’s grace. Barbara said: “As a child, I loved hearing my grandmother and mother talk about their formative years in ‘the mountains’. I loved the positive response from local readers who recognize Cora’s description of the communities surrounding Bays Mountain.

Barbara said her new book, Words Attitudes Actions (a collection of thoughts that will encourage you to start with prayer) is a gift from God. “When I first wrote down my thoughts on prayer, I never thought I would feel inspired to share those thoughts with others. It’s never too late to write your story. I wrote this book for new Christians who have not yet developed a consistent prayer life or for those who have wandered off and need to start with prayer. The chapters are short, interesting and sharp. The book can be read as a short daily devotional or all at once. Barbara hopes that Words Attitudes Actions will be shared with others as a gift or awareness tool.

Words Attitudes Actions is currently available on Amazon as an e-book or paperback. Cora’s Story is also available on Amazon as an e-book, paperback, and audiobook on Audible and iTunes.

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