Christians around the world pray for Chinese believers persecuted during the Winter Olympics

BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma., February 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — More than 21,000 people from 144 countries responded to a call from Voice of the Martyrs to pray for Chinese Christians persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party government during the 2022 Winter Olympics.

At, believers can pledge to participate in prayer for persecuted Christians in China.

AT PrayForChina2022.combelievers can pledge to participate in this global prayer campaign for persecuted Christians in China. They can also receive prayer updates, invite others to pray via social media, add prayer reminders to their calendar, and learn more about how the Chinese communist government persecutes Christians in the within its borders.

According to The voice of the martyrsGlobal Prayer Guide 2022, China is classified as a restricted nation. The “restricted” designation is given to countries where government-sanctioned circumstances or anti-Christian laws result in Christians being harassed, imprisoned, killed, or deprived because of their testimony. This designation is also used for countries where government policy or practice prevents Christians from obtaining Bibles or other Christian publications.

During the last years China The government forcibly closed hundreds of churches, arrested or detained hundreds of pastors and church members, and banned online sales of Bibles.

Church leaders are under intense pressure to join the state-sanctioned Protestant Church organization, the government-controlled Patriotic Three Autonomists Movement, and submit to the scrutiny of Communist Party officials .

Todd Nettletonspokesperson for VOM, said: “It is incredibly encouraging that tens of thousands of people have pledged to pray for China during these Olympic Games.

“What’s even more exciting is seeing 144 countries represented,” Nettleton said. “The Body of Christ – literally all over the world – has joined together to uplift the spiritual members of our family in China. I think we see in action what the Apostle Paul called in Philippians, “the fellowship of the sufferings of Christ.”

Nettleton encouraged Christians to join this prayer campaign. “Add your name to join Christians around the world who have pledged to pray for persecuted Christians in China every day during the Olympics,” Nettleton said.

The voice of the martyrs is an interfaith, nonprofit organization serving persecuted Christians in more than 70 countries around the world. Founded in 1967 by the Wurmbrands, VOM is dedicated to inspiring believers to deepen their commitment to Christ and fulfill His great mission, no matter the cost. For more information, visit


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