A man interrupts several churches in Opp on Sunday morning | WDHN

OPP, Alabama (WDHN)—Wiregrass authorities are trying to identify a man who believes he is a “prophet” and attempted to break up several church services on Sunday.

WDHN teams visited the churches in Opp where the individual went. Although nothing serious happened, the parishioners
are still shaken by the incident.

Northern Heights Baptist Church pastor Jonathan Jones ‘recreates’ the disruption that took while he was
in the pulpit Sunday morning.

When there were around 150 parishioners in the congregation, a stranger entered through a side door of the shrine
and knelt before the altar before making the Catholic “sign of the cross”.
The individual left an envelope containing a “junk mail reader” and scriptures on a bench. He then left.

Pastor Jones says “every time you saw him take a knee and make the cross, you knew something was wrong. And then when he left the envelope and walked out. Of course, there are concerns raised, you don’t know what’s in the envelope and you don’t know how to react. But our men swung into action and did a great job following him.

“Ten or 15 years ago, the authorities would not have given as much importance to this incident as they do today, simply because the churches are now targeted”, according to Mike Gurspan.

On Sunday morning, this individual also asked to see the pastors of Opp Church of Christ, Opp First Baptist Church, and Opp First United Methodist Church. But in each of those cases, church security told him to wait
until the end of the service. But he would eventually leave.

Op Police Chief Kevin Chance said the “garbage drives” contained material that was difficult to decipher. In one instance, he reportedly said he
can heal the sick. But, he also says he’s wanted in Ohio.

Chance says, “We want to make sure that this person is someone who can be someone who can be dangerous or someone who lacks a mental state and we want to give some peace of mind to our
Churches and members of our churches.

Authorities say parishioners at the church say
he drove off in a dirty, white “old” model SUV with a Florida tag. This number is unknown. If anyone knows who this person is or where they are, you are asked to contact the Opp police.

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