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Cal thomas

We have always had them among us: fortune tellers, diviners, readers of palms, tarot cards, tea leaves, stars, horoscopes, discerners of animal entrails, invoking gods of wood and pierre, and all kinds of other “seers” who have tried to convince the gullible that they have the power to predict the future.

For some, climate change advocates are little more than modern day diviners whom the media continue to legitimize, even when their dire predictions of a global catastrophe turn out to be less dire.

The latest, but certainly not the last, is President Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry. Kerry, whose scientific credentials are inexistent, recently predicted that we only have “100 days” to save the planet from climate catastrophe. This “Chicken Little” prediction was made at the United Nations Climate Summit a few days ago, so we’d better subtract the days that followed.

Kerry said on “CBS This Morning” in February that the world had “nine years” to avoid a climate catastrophe. What has happened in the past five months to advance his forecast? He doesn’t say it, and reporters won’t ask him.

In 1967, an article in the Los Angeles Times reported: “It is already too late for the world to avoid a long period of famine,” said Stanford University biologist Paul Ehrlich, author of the controversial book “The Population Bomb.” . Ehrlich also said the US population is “too large” and that unintentional birth control may need to be enforced through sterilizing agents added to staple foods and drinking water. Ehrlich added that perhaps the Roman Catholic Church should be pressured to control the population. In 2018, Ehrlich was still there, claiming that climate change was “killing people” and that the collapse of civilization is a “virtual certainty”.

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