St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Los Angeles vandalized with red paint


By KCAL / KCBS staff

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LOS ANGELES (KCAL, KCBS) – The Italian Catholic Church of St. Peter was found vandalized on Monday, apparently in protest against Christopher Columbus and the European colonization of the Americas.

The facade of the church, which is located at 1039 N. Broadway in downtown LA, was found with large spots of red paint on Monday morning. Messages were also found spray-painted in various places in front of the church, including one that read “Return”.

A banner left behind him said “stop colonizing our land”.

The LAPD says they were first notified of the vandalism at 9:12 a.m. Officers have made a report, but it is not clear if anyone took responsibility for the vandalism or if there are any suspects.

Monday has always been celebrated as Columbus Day, but in Los Angeles it is observed as Indigenous Peoples Day. The holiday was established to mark the discovery of the Americas by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, but in recent years activists and historians have resisted celebrating his legacy as it aimed to find a new route to Indians. and brought diseases to the continent which wiped out the natives. Americans, who have also had their land stolen by violence.

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