Real estate loan and buy back of credit


Real estate loan

Real estate loan

Our expert real estate loan consultants will assist you throughout all the steps of your real estate project in Vincennes. From the first appointment with our agency La Centrale de Financement Vincennes, and without commitment on your part, you will get the best rate for your financing by comparing the credit offers of all banks of the Val de Marne.

  • Before the start of your project: before you start the real estate visit, it is important to know your funding envelope. Our consultants calculate for you your borrowing capacity taking into account your borrower profile, as well as property rates in Vincennes and its region. After this first interview, your broker and you will have defined the maximum possible amount of your loan and also the maximum purchase price of your property, depending on the conditions of your mortgage (rate, credit duration, amount of the monthly payment , …). To help you before your appointment with one of our experts in real estate loans in Vincennes, you can consult all our information on the mortgage.
  • After the signing of your compromise or promise of sale or your reservation contract: once you have found your property or signed for its construction, you must now finance it. As the search times for financing are very short, your real estate broker in Vincennes helps you save time thanks to his knowledge of the mortgage market as well as borrowing conditions and local offers. It ensures you the best financing offer for your project: the best mortgage rate, the best guarantees and the best insurance to guarantee you a financing cost at the lowest. By submitting your application for financing for your real estate project, a real estate loan specialist from La Centrale de Financement Vincennes will contact you quickly for unique, personalized and non-binding support.

The advice of experts The Central Financing for your mortgage in Vincennes are lavished objectively, according to your profile. In one appointment, receive your mortgage proposal.

Credit buyback


The advisors of La Centrale de Financement Vincennes are also available for your purchase of credit. They are specialists in:

  • Redeeming real estate loans: experts in credit renegotiation in Vincennes, our advisors conduct a financial study of your situation and find the best solution to make you enjoy more attractive rates.
  • Purchase of credits at Vincennes: our specialists also make an assessment of the structure of your various credits to study the possibility of grouping them into a single monthly payment. Feel free to submit your inquiry without obligation for any further information.