More questions from Mercy Catholic High School


Yes, the girls at Mercy Catholic High School in Middletown, Connecticut have more questions for me about God!

A: How can your parents discipline you even if they love you?

Question: De H: How do you know that God is with you in everything you do? Do you really believe that every step you take, every choice you make, he’s by your side? Thank you

A: Yes! I believe that God is with me with every step I take. The question that haunts me is, am I with God?

Question: From A: If God is real and His bond is so strong, then how can people lose faith so easily? How can you believe in God so strongly when there is no visible proof of his existence?

A: Carl Sandberg once wrote these true words: “A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on. I believe that a baby is proof of the existence of God.

Question: From I: When there are injustices in the world such as terrorism or discrimination, how are we supposed to react? Thank you for your time.

A: I, we must oppose evil in all its forms or the free will that God has given us is a wasted gift.

Question: De K: Why is God placing various hardships in our lives, like the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you believe that God has a plan for each person He created and that everything that happens (from the smallest to the largest) to each person is part of that plan?

A: No. God has a map for us not a plan for us. If we follow the map, then God has a plan, and that plan is for each of us to use our blessings to fix the world.

Question: De M: I have been to Catholic school all my life, and in my elementary and middle school, I went to church at least once a week. Now that I’m in high school, my life has been so busy with work, sports, and school that I never found the time to go to church during the week. Thank you very much for listening to my questions and I hope you can answer me.

A: If you are used to brushing your teeth regularly and you are used to exercising regularly and you are used to eating healthy foods, then just use the force in your soul that has enabled you to brush your teeth to find a way to go to mass. And when you go to mass, tell the priest that it was a rabbi who made you go.

Question: From R: Why should I want to believe in God when I just don’t? No one in my family is religious, and it has never been a part of my life, so why should I believe that I am less religious than not wanting to be? Thank you!

A: You are no less for not wanting to be religious. However, you could be more. Knowing that God is with you will make you feel better.

Question: De S: How do we know that God wants us to keep fighting for something and he really doesn’t want us to give up yet? My second question is, how do we know that God has forgiven us when we do wrong? Thank you.

A: You know God wants you to keep fighting for the good by pausing for a moment to think about how lousy you feel when you give up.

Question: From A: How do you tell the difference between signs of God and mere coincidences? Do you believe that angels roam the earth to help human beings?

A: A sign from God is but a coincidence seen by a particularly enthusiastic observer of the rich and pious life.

Question: From A: As a busy teenager, I know it can be difficult to prioritize the practice of faith as part of your daily routine, how and what do you recommend to teenagers, including me, who can strengthen our relationship with God?

A: End each day with this prayer: “God, it is good that I have done today. Then list the good you have done. Start each day with this prayer: “Thank you, God”. These two prayers should do it for you.

Question: De N: Hello, Rabbi Gelman! There are a multitude of theories about what it means to be alive. Personally my favorite is that we live in a simulation. With the complexity and interconnectedness of the world, this makes the most sense to me. That being said, I believe in a Higher Power. So how can I find God in this simulation?

A: Life is not a video game. More and out.

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