Miami-Dade lawmakers slam Pope and Catholic Church for weak response to protests in Cuba


Three members of Congress from Miami-Dade called on leaders of the Roman Catholic Church for its weak response to human rights protests in Cuba.

In a joint letter Friday to the Archbishop Christophe Pierre, prelate and diplomat of the Holy See, Republican representatives. Mario Diaz-Balart, Carlos gimenez and Maria Elvira Salazar expressed his “deep disappointment” that Pope Francis did not condemn the “flagrant abuse of the Cuban people” by the Cuban regime nor expressed its solidarity with the people’s demand for freedom.

“The Cuban people have been disappointed by the failure of the leaders of the Catholic Church to stand by their side against oppression, abuse and tyranny,” the letter said.

Cuban citizens took to the street throughout the island nation on July 11 to protest decades of oppression by the Cuban communist regime, which is now under the control of the president Miguel Diaz-Canel, amid one of the worst economic crises in decades and a resurgence of COVID-19 cases.

The protests have attracted international attention and bipartite support from American Republicans Sens. Marco rubio and Rick scott, Gov. Ron DeSantis and the lieutenant governor. Jeanette Nunez, Chairman of the Florida Democratic Party Manny A. Diaz be p. Democrat of the United States. Val Demings, among many others.

Rallies supporting the protests have sprung up in the United States, especially in places like Miami and Houston, where there are dense Cuban populations. There were also marches in Washington, DC to demand more action from the president. Joe biden, of which the answer disappointed many, especially Republicans.

The former political prisoner is also disappointed Eduardo Cardet of the Christian Liberation Movement, founded in Cuba in 1987 and based on the social doctrine of the Holy Catholic Church.

In a textual interview conducted around the same time as the protests, Cardet told the Catholic National Register, he – quoted in the letter from Díaz-Balart, Giménez and Salazar – declared that the Vatican’s response to what the Cubans are suffering “has been weak”.

“It was an elusive, distant and cold response,” he said. “There has been no clear support (from the Vatican) for the legitimate demands that we have been making for so long that we have suffered hardship and a lack of rights. There has never been a condemnation of these human rights violations. Instead, they are seen with approval and sometimes even with some complicity.

“Pope Francis has shown clear signs of sympathy with the ideas of the left. He showed an exaggerated empathy for the point of view of many liberticides and dictators: Fidel Castro, Hugo chavez, Rafael Correa, Evo Morales. He even declared himself very favorable to the ideals of the left.

Exactly a week after the protests began in Cuba, Pope Francis spoke live on the matter and prayed for “peace, dialogue and solidarity” with the people there who were facing “moments”. difficult ”while battling inflation, food shortages and a pandemic.

This was barely enough for the many Cuban Catholics inside and outside the island who “feel abandoned” by the Church hierarchy, according to Díaz-Balart, Giménez and Salazar.

The Vatican, they wrote, “did not condemn the Cuban dictatorship’s daily attacks on human dignity, nor even proclaim the God-given rights of the Cuban people to speak, meet and worship in peace” .

The letter mentions reports that the Vatican police forced a group of protesters in late October. lower their cuban flags on St. Peter’s Square and confiscate some of the flags of the less cooperative members of the group.

“Another day, some Cuban faithful were reportedly denied access to St. Peter’s Square,” the letter said. “The Cuban people seek the solidarity of leaders within the Church to stand with the oppressed and affirm the innate dignity of the human spirit. Unfortunately, we believe they have been greeted with apathy by the highest levels of the Church hierarchy. “

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