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Reverend Zotuo Kiewhuo reciting the dedication prayer at the Garden Prayer Fellowship, Dimapur, July 17th.

Dimapur, July 18 (MExN): The Garden Prayer Fellowship (GPF) was inaugurated by Reverend Zotuo, Senior Pastor Koinonia Baptist Church & Principal, Kohima Bible College in Sodzulhou, Dimapur on July 17th.

The Koinonia media ministry in a press release said that in the dedication note Reverend Zotuo Kiewhuo shared on the theme of Isaiah 56: 7 “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” He said that “prayer must be exported from places of prayer to the ends of the world. Prayer is not a spiritual gift and all believers can pray. Church workers who are not praying tend to turn negative, so every man of God should pray without any excuse. Even members should have persistent prayers for their leaders (2Thess 3: 1-2) ”

A brief report was given by Kesono Cheizou where she stated that “previously the place was wasteland and no plantation could succeed. The place was a divine ordained place for God’s mission which was ultimately fulfilled as a place of prayer with the establishment of the Garden Prayer Fellowship.

The program was chaired by Sekhozo Tetseo, the invocation prayer by Mekhraprü Keyho, Deputy Pastor Sodzuljou NCRC, the dedication prayer by Helito Venuh, ecial praise was presented by Senuto Tetseo, CBD Youth Director, Garden Prayer Fellowship Youth, Ato Nienu and Evangelist Neilhou Sopfünuo and vote thanks from Lithungbeni Ezung.

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