Daddy Freeze reacts to viral video of women praying their husbands don’t cheat, says it won’t work


  • A video recently circulated on social media showing many married women praying with their husbands in church
  • In the viral clip, the women held their men to their breasts and prayed against them while cheating or desiring other women
  • Media personality Daddy Freeze reacted to viral clip and noted women’s prayers would not work

Nigerian media personality Daddy Freeze shared his thoughts on a trending video of some women praying for their husbands.

In the clip circulating on social media, the women who were at church with their spouses were seen holding them tight as they prayed against their cheating.

As the women held their men, the pastor was heard in the background saying that other ladies would look like feces and smell their husbands and that he would only desire them.

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Dad Freeze
Daddy Freeze talks about a trending video of women praying that their husbands don’t cheat. Photos: @daddyfreeze
Source: Instagram

Not stopping there, the pastors asked the women to kiss their husbands and told them to notice that the men’s faces had changed and had become brighter.

Daddy Freeze shares his thoughts on the trending video

Well, it wasn’t long before Daddy Freeze responded to the video and frankly explained that he didn’t think women’s prayers would work.

The media personality then shared how a woman once had an ulcer while praying and fasting after marrying a man who was interested in other men.

He advised the women in the video to learn how to spice up their marriage instead of the endless prayers.

Part of his post reads as follows:

“Instead of all of these comedy skits, these women should put on makeup, wear nicer clothes and lingerie like the side girls wear.”

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See below:

Social media users react

While some netizens agreed with Freeze that women praying that their men wouldn’t cheat was ridiculous, others disagreed and explained that prayer does work.

Read some of their comments below:


“If I go to church and they have such a prayer. I’ll just pack my things and leave. Cheating is not an accident, it is a deliberate action.

Precious Mizkimora:

“Why does it always have to be women who pray for their unfaithful husbands?” Why does it always have to be women who fast for their unfaithful husbands?

Can’t an unfaithful man fast and pray for himself? So make me come and give me an ulcer for the man, I’m not sure he’s behaving well

If you can’t deal with an unfaithful man, gently walk away, don’t let depression kill you.


“It will work, the prayers will work. “


“Prayer works, just believe and do your own part. “

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Daddy Freeze takes in the relationship drama between Tonto Dikeh and ex-bae Kpokpogri

Nigerian on-air controversial personality Daddy Freeze also joined many others to talk about Tonto Dikeh’s relationship issues.

Tonto and her ex-boyfriend, Prince Kpokpogri’s high-profile breakup has caused a stir on social media with people sharing their hot views.

In a recent Instagram Live video, Daddy Freeze advised Kpokpogri to let things go and stop hanging around issues with Tonto.

According to the media personality, Tonto has been through a lot and Kpokpogri should let it be if he loved her in the first place and not spoil the deal for his next man.

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