Church Activists, Not Church Milquetoasts, by Michelle Malkin

These are abbreviated remarks I made on Tuesday morning in Baltimore at the “Enough is Enough” protest in front of the annual gathering of the United States Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

Church Militant senior producer and founder of St. Michael’s Media, Michael Voris, was forced to go to court to organize the prayer rally and the rally of Catholic dissidents after their permit was canceled by the town’s lawyer from Baltimore, James Shea. Authorities in Baltimore have baselessly accused Voris and the scheduled speakers of promoting violence; the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower district judge’s ruling that “the First Amendment to the Constitution is at the heart of this matter … The city cannot bring up hypothetical rowdies and then grant them a power of veto “.

First I’d like to address the evil corrupt people here in Baltimore City, right in front of us at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the White House, perched in the Vatican and deeply rooted in the Deep State. and the rampant state. Look at my face and the faces of every Catholic who testifies here today. Hear our voices. Heed our words. We will not be silenced.

I would also like to speak directly to the lying corporate media – the so-called fact-checkers, these narrative distortionists, these maniacal gatekeepers and professional libelers who have branded us all as violent national terrorists.

They have added fuel to the nationwide fires of the George Floyd riots. They pampered bloodthirsty antifa demons, destroying the pillars of civil society. They created monsters like Shaun King who called us “white supremacists” and incited acts of vandalism against our places of worship. For the past two years, they have turned a blind eye to the targeting of Catholic churches, the beheading of Catholic statues and bloody assaults on praying Catholics.

Hear our voices. Heed our words. This is what a truly peaceful protest looks like.

I am honored to join all of you today in speaking about the Unholy Alliance of Radical Bishops, Open Borders Incorporated, and the pandemic profiteers. But first, I must take a moment to honor every brave survivor of clerical sexual abuse in the audience or on the list of speakers here today. Loyalty, fear, intimidation, shame, denial and lack of transparency have clouded the path. The survivors shone their light and showed us the way.

I believe the same is true of the Catholic Church’s deplorable racketeering for mass and uncontrolled immigration and the shilling for the toxic and sinful enterprise of Big Pharma.

Since 1986, when lobbyists for open borders hammered Reagan’s disastrous amnesty on Capitol Hill, Catholic leaders in the United States and abroad have moved from fighting legislation that strengthens enforcement. of US immigration to actively undermine the enforcement and violation of immigration laws.

Disgraced left-wing cardinal Roger Mahony, censored and banned for his role in the cover-up of sexual abuse, was kicked out of his post in Los Angeles but continues to this day to defend that Catholic clergy and other Americans brazenly defy eviction orders and shelter the so-called Dreamers in the name of charity and compassion. These policies have enriched cartels, traffickers, smugglers, coyotes and the vast network of left-wing nonprofits while inspiring the poor to roam the wilderness, cram in car trunks and profit. of their own children.

Is there a more obscene illustration of the need to drain the Catholic deep state and fund the rampant state?

Archbishop Jose Gomez, head of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, lambasted former President Donald Trump’s workplace law enforcement measures and lamented the plight of outlaws “who live in the shadows “.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn has excused criminal border trespassing, criminal visa violations and criminal document fraud.

Bishop Thomas Joseph Tobin of the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, issued a statement in support of driver’s licenses for illegal aliens in his state, citing the Pope’s call “to welcome immigrants into our midst” because “these immigrants will enrich America and its Church. “

Keywords: “Enrich” one’s “Church”.

In 2019, the USCCB had net assets of $ 377 million and grossed total revenues of $ 188 million. Its annual government grant revenues were close to $ 50 million; with $ 23 million for a program to encourage illegal unaccompanied foreign minors to cross our borders; $ 16.5 million for refugee admissions; and $ 12.1 million for assistance to refugees and newcomers. In 2020, Catholic Charities sucked in $ 5 billion, including $ 2 billion from government sources.

My time is running out, but know this: the same perverse reasoning for covering up clergy sexual abuse, covering up covering up clergy sexual abuse is the same perverse reasoning behind the exploitation of open borders and national suicide, and it is the same perverse reasoning for pushing inextricably designed experimental pharmaceutical injections with the cells of murdered unborn babies to suppress, control, track and trace the world’s population.

Pandemic profiteers are bogus saviors in a soul-destroying industry that relies on rigged clinical trials, sabotage of informed consent, silence of vaccine-injured, persecution of parents and staunch pro-life workers whose appeals for help as they risk losing their jobs and livelihoods are rejected by priests and bishops who promote unwanted science, and general protection from corporate liability in the name of ” common good”.

In the face of such ungodliness and ruin, our faith must be stronger than our fear. We must be engaged in total spiritual warfare – fully immune to the real deadly viruses of moral relativism, cultural Marxism and globohomogenized capitalism. Church activists, not Church Milquetoasts, are needed for a time like this.

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