BLM’s position on Cuba is not representative of the movement as a whole



Despite the support of Black Lives Matter, the regime has historically done little for Afro-Cubans.

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Friends often ask me why I remain Roman Catholic when I disagree with much of the retro doctrine of the Catholic Church. My answer is simple: the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is not the movement of the Catholic faith.

If I thought for a second that the two were one, I would have thrown away my missal years ago.

And I feel the same about the Black Lives Matter racial justice movement.

Especially, after the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation – the church hierarchy of BLM, so to speak – released a leftist statement on the unrest in Cuba that was as clueless as it gets.

It is a surprisingly deaf love letter to the repressive and oppressive Communist regime on the island. It absolves the dictatorship of any role in the economic and human rights suffering of 11 million Cubans while blaming the United States.

I too support the lifting of the American economic embargo against Cuba. It hurts ordinary Cubans on the island. But I am equally in favor of its removal, because for six decades it has given the regime a far too practical scapegoat for its iron incompetence – you will not find any mention in the statement written by the Foundation’s political bureau. .

Like a dissertation from a zealous sophomore political science student, it is riddled with ideological inconsistency.

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